Welcome to my website!

My name is Christine HENDERICKX, I’m a psychologist.
I wanted to create this website in order to provide a minimum of information, and before any consultation were to take place, to any individual wondering about what help a psychologist could possibly be to them, be it a psychologist, psychoanalyst, therapist or perinatalogist, all of which are all services I provide myself.
… Providing information on my practice, and the reasons one might have for “visiting someone”, about what a symptom is, but also about questions relating to MAR (medically assisted reproduction) and the issues it raises, which sometimes require psychological rather than psychotherapeutic support in the conventional sense of the term.
I regularly supplement this website with recommended reading material and information on workshops or information sessions I organise as part of my role as a perinatologist.
The different tabs on my website will provide you with a brief overview of my services; they might even give you the desire to find out a bit more about yourself. I hope you'll enjoy reading it!:-)