Independent Practitioners but not alone… working in a network for quality care provided to the patients

I am convinced of how beneficial a group practice can be for the patient and this is why I work as part of a network. For the patient this means: time saved in passing on information and an optimisation of the care provided thanks to better communication between practitioners as coordinated amongst themselves!

I envisage, for example, when providing support for individuals with serious eating disorders an obligatory follow up for the patient with a GP, or a dentist and a gynaecologist. This is one of the conditions to the support I am willing to offer.

In general, I do not get involved, alone, in issues which place the patient in danger (life-threatening situation or serious harm).

In the fertility clinic, for example, a group practice involves combining all the possible knowledge without one excluding the other. My experience means I can provide psychological support to “hormonal stimulation with artificial reproduction techniques” and “energetic therapies” from traditional Chinese medicine.
Within the context of medically assisted reproduction, and with regard to my specialisation as a perinatal psychologist, I regularly work with:

  • gynaecologists
  • hospitals practising the different types of MAR (artificial insemination, in Vitro Fertilisation and ICSI)
  • acupuncturists and acupressure specialists
  • nutritionists



Within the context of perinatal psychology, I work in collaboration with gynaecologists and midwives (both for the mother and for the child).

... Because a network means frequent collaboration with certain colleagues and doctors, here, with their consent, are a few references...


  • Dr Pierrette GENGOUX
    Dermatologist, homoeopathy, specialised in prenatal homeopathy.
    04/349.47.33, has practices in Jambes and Etterbeek (square du Roi Vainqueur)

  • Jessica PELTIER
    0478/13.58.94, works at the "Erasme" hospital and provides home visits

  • Eric BASTIN
    Acupuncturist - 0496/27.32.89.

  • Nina DE VIJVER
    Acupuncturist, acupressure and Reiki - 0475/31.56.35

  • Katia ARWEILER
    Naturopathe spécialisée dans l’abord d’une grossesse avec ou sans PMA

  • Marie Fournier

    Doula, perinatal massage - 0496/27.32.89.


  • Florence Thomas

    Medical Centre "Les Bégonias", 55 rue des bégonias - 1170 Brussels
    "la petite maison des trois tilleuls" au 12 rue des trois tilleuls - 1170 Brussels
    "baby sling classes" pour bébé -


Not forgetting :

  • Céline BILOCQ
    In Liège, does the same fascinating job as me...


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