A symptom should be seen as an expression of the subconscious. Not all symptoms are necessarily experienced as "problematic" by the subject. It’s when a symptom starts causing problems that seeing a psychotherapist could prove useful.

Without being pathological, problems finding meaning in your life, making certain life choices or dealing with existential or professional dilemmas can also benefit from psychological support.

Here are a few examples of symptoms, distress, difficulties or questions which could be looked at, dealt with in a session:

  • anxiety
  • difficulty in sleeping
  • psychosomatic problems whether or not linked to a recognised chronic illness
  • eating disorders (anorexia/bulimia)
  • difficulties making a decision
  • regular feelings of dissatisfaction
  • depression
  • emotional or conjugal issues
  • professional change in direction
  • burn-out
  • problems linked to infertility, pregnancy (multiple or single), post-partum, premature births...